Threads for Thoughts

Build your Capsule Wardrobe

Don't get distracted by the fluff - build yourself a capsule wardrobe, which is the solid foundation you and your closet need!If you’ve ever paused on the Kardashians while flipping through the channels, you’ve probably stared in awe at the closets full of every designer brand imaginable. While the idea of having all of those clothes, shoes, and handbags to choose from on a daily basis may be appealing, the truth is that you don’t need all of it. Most of the time, those overstuffed closets are the result of a serious shopping addiction; although spending the day browsing racks and purchasing cute clothes are fun in the moment, the overstuffed drawers and closets are the reality. Something was on sale? Your friend said that dress looked cute on you? It doesn't fit now, but you swear you'll drop 20 pounds this month so you'll fit in it? I've heard all

Throwing (Away) Some Shade

I talk a lot about organizing closets to keep things in order, but as you have probably seen (especially through quarantine), the small things around the house can build up to huge messes. If you have a makeup bag, that’s where a lot of clutter begins. When things are contained in one bag, they’re easy to overlook. So let’s go through the makeup bags, and see what it’s time to toss! Foundation - Foundation has a shelf life of about 6 months to a year. Depending on how often you use it, you may not have it sitting around much longer than that anyway; but if you do still have it after one year of buying it, throw it away and treat yourself to some fresh foundation for your skin! Lipstick/Lipgloss - These products are good for about one year. You may have some that look like they’re in good

What is Essential to You?

I’ve talked about essentialism in recent emails and social media posts, so let me explain what it is and how I implement it in my life. One of the best ways I can explain essentialism, is to think ‘Quality over Quantity.” You don’t need to own a lot, but what you own should have meaning to you. My mentor Katie Boyd instilled this in my brain: “If it’s not a hell yes, it’s a hell no.”  Pretty simple, right? This does not only apply to physical things that you purchase, but also things you do, such as hanging out with certain people, or going to particular events. It is not about having only a certain number of things in your life; it is about creating your environment to be conducive to the life you want to live. Surround yourself with what you truly need to become the person you want to