Don’t get distracted by the fluff – build yourself a capsule wardrobe, which is the solid foundation you and your closet need!If you’ve ever paused on the Kardashians while flipping through the channels, you’ve probably stared in awe at the closets full of every designer brand imaginable. While the idea of having all of those clothes, shoes, and handbags to choose from on a daily basis may be appealing, the truth is that you don’t need all of it.

Most of the time, those overstuffed closets are the result of a serious shopping addiction; although spending the day browsing racks and purchasing cute clothes are fun in the moment, the overstuffed drawers and closets are the reality. Something was on sale? Your friend said that dress looked cute on you? It doesn’t fit now, but you swear you’ll drop 20 pounds this month so you’ll fit in it? I’ve heard all the excuses, but let’s look at the reality — you’ve got a bedroom covered in clothes that you never wear. Adopting a capsule wardrobe will save you money, save you time, and will ensure you always look great! I’ve given recommendations below on pieces you should invest in today:

Black pants

Black pants are a classic wardrobe staple at any age! They are versatile and perfect for any setting and any type of event, and you can pair them with button down shirts or fancy tops. If you’re going out after work and don’t want to carry a change of clothes, just wear your ‘going out’ top with the black pants and throw on a blazer when you’re at the office!

Suits (pants/skirts/blazers)

A suit is a solid outfit choice for important meetings or presentations. You will never regret investing in these suit pants, skirts, or blazers. I bought one black blazer when I started my job in 2012, and that blazer is still hanging in my closet today! Take your time to find suit pieces that feel great and fit your body well. Even on non-work days, you can wear that blazer with a pair of jeans and cute top!

Let’s be real: If you’re watching a presentation from someone in a classic well-fit suit, you’re going to listen to what they have to, and remember, what they have to say. If you’re distracted by pants that too loose or a jacket that is too tight, you won’t absorb anything they say.


You should absolutely invest in high quality, comfortable cut jeans that fit and feel great on you. Jeans are a go-to for most social outings, so you should love the ones you’re wearing! There are always new trends coming along, but that doesn’t mean you need to wear them all. Find a style you love and stick with it. Will flare boot leg jeans ever come back in style? Who knows, but just remember, if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it!


This isn’t technically part of a capsule wardrobe, but it deserves some recognition! Ladies, this is literally the first thing you put on when getting dressed, so make sure you have reliable support. It is worth the splurge on a comfortable, supportive, reliable bra. And make sure to get yourself colors you can wear with anything (helpful tip: the hot pink bra WILL show through your white shirt). Regina George may have grabbed the attention of her high school when she walked through the halls in her purple bra and cut up tank top, but life isn’t the Mean Girls movie…If it was, that would mean Tina Fey would be writing all my wittiest lines, which would be pretty amazing!