These days, there is very little in our control. When you start getting anxious about what the day may or may not bring, remember this: How you maintain your home is something you can control. There are obvious things we need to do to keep your home running, like cleaning and paying your bills. But know that there is a deeper level of maintaining where you live. There are emotions and energy attached to your surroundings, and this is the time to make sure your surroundings are high vibrational. Here are 5 things you can part with to make your closet, and home, a happier place:

Wire hangers

You probably have had these building up from visits to the dry cleaners. They take over your closet, and make it look messier. Choose one type of hanger that you love, and be consistent throughout. Wooden hangers are durable, but there are other good quality hangers as well in different colors, so pick what you like best. Wondering what to do with your wire hanger collection? Recycle them by bringing them back to the dry cleaners!

Plastic bags

These also invade your home from the many trips to the dry cleaners! Although the intent is to maintain cleanliness of your clothes, you do not need them once the clothes are back in your closet. Once you’re home, hang up that shirt and get rid of the bag. It adds additional, unnecessary bulk to your closet.

Singe socks

The mystery that mankind has been trying to solve for years-did the dryer, in fact, eat your socks? We all end up with a single sock every now again, but if its partner has gone missing, there comes a time to say goodbye to it. If you find yourself with a lone sock, take the following steps: do all the laundry, empty the drawer, and look under the bed. If you still cannot find your sock’s mate, it goes in the trash.

Broken jewelry

Things break, it happens. But don’t hang onto broken pieces that will never be mended.  If it is something you love, fix it; either repair it yourself, or bring it to someone who can fix it. You may need to wait for shops to reopen again, but put any broken jewelry in a little box and be ready to repair it when the jeweler’s doors open again!

Old sheets

If the sheets are decades old, permanently stained, or have holes, say goodbye. You should feel happy and comfy in your bed, so invest in some comfortable, good quality sheets. If you have had the same sheets since David Spade was on SNL, it’s time to say “buh-bye” to them and treat yourself to some fresh linens!