I have purchased several items from Threads of Hope for both myself and my daughter and have loved them all! The quality of the clothes are incredible and you just cannot beat the prices, what was even better was knowing that a percentage of my purchase is going to a great cause. When you have a toddler constantly outgrowing sizes, this is the best way to do some guilt-free shopping!!
Boston, Massachusetts

Collaborating with Threads of Hope was a wonderful experience. The Amparo team had an exciting time arranging a collaboration while Erin organized all of the fine details so we could bring our collaborative ideas to life! We absolutely loved working with Erin! We are proud to work alongside a brand at which gives back to those in need through consignment fashion!
Veronica Brown
House of Amparo

I have a dream of building a tiny house. In preparing for this future state of a minimalist life, I’ve been working on purging my home.  Every year, I pull clothes to donate, yet my wardrobe always seems to be “full”. Full of items that I haven’t worn in a year (or more – good grief), can’t wear anymore (I might lose enough weight someday…), or have some sentimental attachment (it’s a thing).
I decided to invest in getting someone else perspective on my clothing status so I could truly pare down once and for all, and end the cycle of annual donations that never fixed my closet.
Erin and I used FaceTime to tour my closet and talked about nearly every piece. She helped me identify and embrace the color palette of white, blue, tan and black with a splash of wine & magenta. It was already there, but veiled by some random purchases, that frankly, I hardly wore.
It was liberating! It’s not about having a different outfit for every occasion. It’s about having a selection of tried & true pieces that wrap you in your style, no matter the occasion.
Also love that my barely wore clothing is going to Erin’s Threads of Hope online store and a portion of the proceeds goes to charity. Thank you Erin for helping me have a Zen closet that reflects my style.
Allentown, PA

Erin with Threads of Hope is wonderful!  She is not letting covid19 slow her down.  We had a zoom call to discuss my bedroom closet and she helped me to come up with a plan to better organize as well as declutter and choose which clothes to keep.  I am in a mission to become an essentialist and Erin has helped me make some steps in that direction.  Thank you Erin! 
Goffstown, NH

Working with Erin has been great! Not only have I purchased from Threads of Hope, but Erin provided me a virtual closet organizational session! I think of Threads of Hope every time I wear the pieces I have purchased, and the very small part I played in helping the environment and not participating in generating more unnecessary product, when there is already so much out there! As for the organization session, having Erin help me is exactly what I needed! My closet had become that “thing” that the more and more you put it off, the more distracted you become from meeting it head on. It had become messy, unorganized, and had a general unkept appearance that is not what I am about! Erin made me feel confident that there were steps we could take to better the appearance and make it more functional. Having Erin provide me suggestions and tips (without any judgement about the disorganization of messy appearance!) is exactly what I needed. I am so happy with the outcome!
Shirley, MA

I am grateful I got the opportunity to work with Erin to help me get my closet organized. She is amazing!!! If you are anything like me, where things get in the way before I can completely organize or finish anything, then Erin and this closet revamp are for you. She will hold you accountable and give you directions every step of the way!
Boston, MA

Meeting with Erin was fantastic! Her ideas to clean up and organize my very tiny and outdated (and very squished) closet were incredibly innovative! She had suggestions for me that I never would have thought of on my own – and made the idea of getting rid of things seem much less daunting.
Even though my closet is not huge, Erin made me realize that there is a way to fit and finagle the things that I really NEED in there, and to let go of things that are no longer serving a purpose for me. I can’t thank her enough for her wonderful services. I would definitely recommend her to anyone that needs help getting their closets (and mind about their closets) straight!
Philadelphia, PA

Organizing my closet was always something that I dreaded! It seemed like this monstrous, overwhelming task that I tried to avoid…yet, in doing so, I made the problem worse.
Erin’s closet revamp came at just the right time. With everything going on in the world, I didn’t realize that my unorganized closet was an extra stressor in my life. Erin’s upbeat, yet calm nature, helped me figure out how I wanted to see this space better utilized.
Now, I open my closet excited to CLEARLY see my options for the day!
Boston, MA

If you need to tackle some organization issues then you must reach out to Erin. She helped me navigate my cluttered desk issues, which stalls my desired performance of productivity. I tend to run on “oooh something shiny” brain and end up with a million papers or Post-It notes, but she helped me see going digital will clear up the majority of my clutter. Erin specializes in closet organization and you should see her handy work. I’ll be having her help the kiddo to get her bedroom under control next!
Portsmouth, NH