I’ve talked about essentialism in recent emails and social media posts, so let me explain what it is and how I implement it in my life. One of the best ways I can explain essentialism, is to think ‘Quality over Quantity.” You don’t need to own a lot, but what you own should have meaning to you.

My mentor Katie Boyd instilled this in my brain: “If it’s not a hell yes, it’s a hell no.”  Pretty simple, right? This does not only apply to physical things that you purchase, but also things you do, such as hanging out with certain people, or going to particular events. It is not about having only a certain number of things in your life; it is about creating your environment to be conducive to the life you want to live. Surround yourself with what you truly need to become the person you want to be. Everyone’s essentialism is different. What I find essential in my life may not be the same for you. For example, flowers in my home are not necessary for me to live my life. However, they provide me with a sense of calm and peace, and give some beauty to my space.

One essential in my life is vacation. I don’t travel all the time, but when I do, I make it the best it can be. My husband and I went to New Zealand for our honeymoon in December. We decided that since our honeymoon only happens once, we wanted to make sure it was memorable. So, we didn’t spend hours trying find ways to save a dollar here or there, and if there was an activity we wanted to do, we did it. This doesn’t mean we ordered room service every day and took private cars whenever we went out(we’re not quite at Oprah’s level yet); however, we made the most out of this once in a lifetime vacation, and will look back not regretting missing out on anything. We were able to do this because we don’t shop recklessly for unnecessary things.

Another example of essentialism is the house we buy. We are looking to invest in a house that we can live in for many years, a house that has what we need. We do not need a pool, an in-home movie theater, or 6,000 square feet to own; but where we will be investing a lot of money, this home is going to have the rooms and space we want.

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